“I had never tried acupuncture until I hurt my ankle last year. Ana applied acupuncture needles right after I was injured and, within a day, I was walking and on the way to a speedy recovery.  Ana has a very professional approach while at the same time, she is very caring of one’s needs.  I highly recommend her for her excellent acupuncture treatments and for her wealth of knowledge.”

C.G., San Francisco, CA

“I live in Laguna Beach and although no longer young I am determined to ride skateboards, skimboards, and surfboards long into the future. Over the past few years I  received frequent acupuncture treatments from Ms Guerrero. Needling treatments have been very helpful in reducing my recovery times from acute injuries with pain and swelling.  Herbal treatments have been fast-acting and added suppleness to my tendons and ligaments.  These treatments (and some qigong) have kept me riding like it’s 1999!”

D.A., Laguna Beach

“Ana is very thorough in her assessment and I trust in her treatment plan.  I was reluctant to try acupuncture but after one visit with Ana I was so comfortable with it.  Ana has a very relaxing atmosphere and my treatments have been pain-free.”

Olivia, New York

“I am a physician, and have a healthy dose of skepticism regarding complementary medicine. By the same token, I am highly concerned about the adverse effects (and cost!) of chronic medication intake, particularly for problems that are more a nuisance than a real threat.

A few years ago I noticed an increased urge to urinate, at times interfering with my sleep, as I would have to get up in the middle of the night.  I am a nephrologist (physician specialized in kidney disorders) and diagnosed myself with an overactive bladder. A visit with a urologist for an unrelated problem confirmed my self diagnosis. I was prescribed a medication, that controlled my symptoms, but also had concerning side effects. Since an overactive  bladder is not life threatening, but just very annoying, I decided to give acupuncture a try.  As a firm believer in the scientific method, I researched the medical literature about the efficacy of acupuncture in the treatment of OAB (overactive bladder), and was pleased to see that there data supporting its effectiveness.

With this information in hand, I approached Ana, asking her if she would be willing to try treating me. She listened to my concerns carefully, and obtained a thorough history.  She was humble and honest, in that she admitted that she had never treated this problem before, but she was going to research the topic, and quickly figured out which areas should be needled. I have had acupuncture before, and have noticed vast differences in how acupuncturists place the needle – it can be quite unpleasant. However, with Ana it was a breeze.  She uses the thinnest needles, even though they cost more, and also employs a nerve distracting technique, causing the piercing of the needle through the skin to be almost imperceptible.

I underwent three treatment sessions, and even months later, my symptoms are much improved. My nights have become more restful, and my days more pleasant, as I am no longer constantly searching for a restroom! Also, I got rid of a chronic cough during the treatment process.

I would recommend Ana to anybody without reservations, and if she did not practice so far away from me, I would have her treat my children and my husband.”

E.S., MD, New York

“Ana’s acupuncture treatments have been very effective in alleviating my headaches and anxiety.  Ana creates a therapeutic atmosphere and makes you feel at ease.”

Gina, New York

“Ana’s calm, professional approach to helping with physical ailments impressed me. I have a chronic right knee inflammation with pain. After the first treatment I experienced a great deal of relief.  The swelling was reduced as well as the discomfort. I look forward to being able to continue acupuncture with Ana.”

J.C.A., New York

“Feeling basically worn down and having an upset digestive system and headaches, Ana treated me with acupuncture. She asks detailed, thought provoking questions, to really find out what is going on. She explains the process gently and thoroughly. I definitely felt better and connected to my body and much less stressed. I look forward to the next treatment.”

Lianne, New York